About Us

Country Wisdom News is the Hudson Valley’s resource for good news on the land, community, and home.  Based in Kingston, New York, Country Wisdom celebrates the people and places that make our region a more abundant and beautiful place to live. 

Country Wisdom is proudly published by the Hudson Valley Current, a nonprofit focused on strengthening the local economy and establishing economic and social well-being for all people, including those who are unemployed, underemployed, or underutilized.

Our Team

Chris Hewitt
Chris Hewitt is the executive director of the Hudson Valley Current, a digital local currency for the mid-Hudson Valley. As a co-founder of the nonprofit project, Hewitt has helped grow the membership in the barter exchange to over 210 members that have exchanged over 160,000 Currents since January 2014. He launched the monthly newspaper Country Wisdom News—age-old and modern thoughts on community, the land and the home—in August 2010, which is now a nonprofit educational component of the Hudson Valley Current. Country Wisdom News, with its new economy insert (Livelihood magazine), reaches over 30,000 readers in Ulster and Dutchess counties each month. Chris Hewitt studied Professional & Technical Communication at Rochester Institute of Technology with a focus on printing, publishing and journalism.
Katie Clayton
Editorial Assistant
Katie Clayton is a writer and editor based in Rosendale, NY. Her work has been featured in a handful of local publications such as The Hudson Valley Transmitter, The Little Rebellion, and Country Wisdom News.  She will graduate SUNY New Paltz this May with a Bachelor’s Degree in Interpersonal/Intercultural Communications and a minor in Linguistics. She received her AS in Human Resources from Hudson Valley Community College in 2014. She is also an editorial assistant for the publication’s parent company, the Hudson Valley Current. When she’s not working you can find her hiking, thrifting, and exploring the Eastern U.S.
Brian Nieves
Head Photographer
Brian Nieves is a photographer, actor, entertainer, and communicator from the Greater New York area. Having worked in photography for 25 years and acting for over 30, he has refined his skills in communication and interpersonal relationships. He has been a member of the Air Pirates Radio Theater and was the Travel and Event Photographer for Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC. He loves talking in funny voices, hammock camping, fly fishing, and helping people to be happier humans. You can follow his antics on Instagram: @briancyanide.
Nathan Bunch
Technical Assistant
Nathan Bunch is a software engineer, web developer, and a technology enthusiast based in Accord, New York. He has been programming since the age of twelve, fostering an obsession with technology that has encouraged him to pursue an education and career in computer science. He is currently a student at SUNY Ulster, where he will graduate with an Associate's degree in computer science this May. Aside from working in web development for Country Wisdom News, Nathan is also lead programmer for the Hudson Valley Current, the parent company of CWN.


Our Location

430 Old Neighborhood Rd, Kingston, NY 12401

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Our History


Country Wisdom News was created in August 2010 by publisher and serial entrepreneur Chris Hewitt. After five years of running his landscaping business, Country Wisdom Caretaking, it occurred to Hewitt that people would like to read about the good news that’s all around us. He was trained as a master gardener and a beekeeper, so each day was filled with creating edible landscapes, learning about and working with flora and fauna, and working closely with honeybees. That’s when he decided to start Country Wisdom News to share the great things that happen every day with the people of Ulster and Dutchess counties. Offering age-old and modern thoughts on community, the land, and the home, Country Wisdom News spotlights exciting work that’s being done throughout the region in sustainable growing practices, green energy and construction, organic gardening, home improvement, recreation, and more. The original CWN was a large broadsheet newspaper, similar to papers from the 18th century. This paper size was used to match the old-style design and reporting of Country Wisdom News. Over time, CWN became a tabloid size in order to appeal to today’s newspaper readers, and it recently switched from standard newsprint to an environmentally friendly paper called Ecopaque. In March 2016—after becoming a publication of the Hudson Valley Current—a new economics section was added to the paper. The section is called Livelihood, which promotes the idea of keeping money local, local investing, and vibrant Main Streets. We love publishing Country Wisdom News, and we hope to continue bringing you the good news of our region for years to come.